mixed use commercial

site location:

Beijing, China

site area:

65,000 sqm


95,000 sqm

plot ration:



RAD as lead architect

ice team:

Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low

3LT is the third prize in an invited competition for the master plan for a mixed use commercial district in San Li Tun. The site is split into two parcels. The north side is designated to residential. The south side is based on the idea of a commercial village.

As the commercial site is very small with 180 x 140 meters only, the design strategy was to maximize the spatial experience by fragmenting the site and introducing thematic streets and squares. The strategy was to create a main circulation which spirals into the centre of the site with shortcuts interconnecting the rings. The result was an urban spiraling boulevard of 1500 m length.

3LT is serving both, commercial users as well as entertainment seekers. With that target group, the project evolves as an outdoor village, combining the principles of a shopping mall and those of a folded boulevard, to create a balance between destination and wandering around.

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