Mix G


public urban space

site location:

Chengdu, China

site area:

25,000 sqm


ice team:

Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Claudia Wigger, Jorge Beneitez Gardeazabal, Matteo Biasiolo, Jorge Gil Suarez, Eugenio Fontan, Yue Zhang

As an urban plaza serving the residents of Chengdu, the central park of the 24h city by China Resources was designed with the potential to become an icon for the development and a destination for Chengdu. It offers multifaceted programs that provide natural, green, leisure, educational´╝îactive and sensory attractions. It is also a garden that is a mix of experiences, bringing pleasure to visitors, a MixG.

There are three large parcels of land, the North, the Middle and the South Gardens. The North Garden leading to MixC, consists of more invigorating programs. The Middle Garden is more connected to infrastructure and drags more crowds. The South Garden is situated nearer to the residential areas and more tranquil programs are located here.

The programs are broadly classified into Active and Sensory programs, which are mixed and intertwined into both North and South Gardens, providing a diversity of experiences for visitors, engaging them in a variety of ways.

The variations provide interesting, surprising and ever changing vistas of the Gardens. This will ensure repeat visits and the Gardens will become a popular urban destination for locals and visitors.

┬ę 2007 - 2015, ice - ideas for contemporary environments

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