Ocean Heights


mixed use residential master plan

site location:

Binh Tuan, Vietnam

site area:

144 ha


97,286 sqm

plot ration:



Cundall Hong Kong, BB Architecture

ice team:

Ulrich Kirchhoff, Louise Low, Claudia Wigger, Arthur Bel, Hugo Ma, Tim Mao, Christopher Tan

Ocean Heights is a strategic design solution for a sustainable, yet low tech, high density resort development. Its aim is, to maximize the value of the property, in which each user is close to nature, close to the beach and far away from the roads and other infrastructure. The project wants to create a development with a more sensitive, humane form of living and consumption.

The project is a beach resort development, 150 km east of Ho Chi Minh City. The site offered only a small strip of beachfront with a wider stretch of hinterland. Resorts usually are of low density (PR 0.1-0.2), yet the client wanted to achieve a higher density (PR 0.6) yet maintain the feel of a lower density resort. As space and privacy is vital to the success of a resort, the project aims to achieve those qualities by employing a formal strategy, which allows privacy, closeness to nature and space.

With a total length of 2 km, our design aims to maximize direct pedestrian access to the beach by creating a central park, that links the back of the site with the seafront. Circulation systems are separated into car circulation along the perimeter of the site and pedestrian circulation in the center along a park like connection to the waterfront.

To overcome the density and to reduce the sealed surfaces on the site, we investigated cul de sac road systems, as they use less road surface, are more able to cluster and provide a front lot with circulation and a backlot with green.

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